Complete wine logistics

GDL has, for many years already, been the tech-benchmark company in the logistic wine trade. It can offer you solutions from A to Z, for both a pallet and a full load of wine:
•    A specialized team takes care of the practical organization in order to collect your wines from France, Italy, Spain or Portugal and bring them to your warehouse or home;
•    We, ourselves, agree terms with the producer and plan the pick-up;
•    If necessary, we take care of all the formalities regarding the Belgian excise duty return;
•    We can store your wines temporarily or for longer periods;
•    Your stock of wines can be stored in a customs warehouse until they’re shipped to their final destination, wherever in Europe that might be;
•    Wines in containers from outside Europe can be stacked on pallets or re-packed, as per the national regulations of their European destination;
•    Wines for local distribution can be stored and distributed to your specifications;
•    Because it has a certificate ‘certified organic’, GDL is allowed to store organic wines within the organic logistic chain.

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